I am often surprised when people talk about the total implausibility of the events in Márquez’s fiction. Having been born and lived in a deeply spiritual and extraordinarily resourceful part of the Caribbean, a lot of what might seem magical to others often seems quite plausible to me.

Of course a woman can live inside her cat, as the character Eva does in Márquez’s 1948 short story ‘Eva Is Inside Her Cat.’ Doesn’t everyone have an aunt who’s done that?

Edwidge Danticat remembers Gabriel García Márquez: (via newyorker)

The Venezuelan Air-Travel Paradox



Venezuela’s rigid currency controls are driving people to leave the country, but have also made it exceedingly hard for people to depart by air. Girish Gupta on the paradox:

“Many of the airlines have become so reluctant to accept the bolivar that they have limited the number of tickets for which they will accept the currency. A few have suspended bolivar-denominated sales altogether.”

Photograph: Girish Gupta